Wednesday, July 1, 2020

We want you to work, but that doesn't always mean booking the job ...

Agents get jobs; managers focus on the global view and progression of a client's career ... and, of course, we want you to work as an actor. But getting to work doesn't always mean booking the job. You have to book the room first.

It's part of a bigger conversation in this new landscape that I was thrilled to have with Benjamin Lindsay, Managing Editor at Backstage. His article about our chat is out today.

There are a lot of professional-level classes, schools, teachers and coaches who offer up critical lessons in the development of one's art and craft. But more focus needs to be put on how to audition ... and a special focus on how to audition to book a room, not necessarily a job.

There is an entire chapter about this in my book (The New Business of Acting: The Next Edition). Want a career and not just a job? Do as much audition prep work for your time on the way to, at and out of your audition and you will score potentially much more than just an acting job. You will have an opportunity to create, build and nurture an important business relationship.

My thanks to Benjamin for the opportunity to chat with him about an important "How to" in the business of acting.


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