Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The LA acting community prepares to say "goodbye" to Hollywood legend Samuel French ...

Samuel French Bookshop, in Hollywood, has served as the community center for actors in LA for decades. The people there have also been incredible supporters of mine over the years. I am proud to say that we have sold lots of copies of all three of my books at SF over the years, along with an in-store event or two along the way. 

Very sad to learn that this Hollywood legend, on Sunset Boulevard, is closing at the end of March. Online sales, particularly of books, has forever changed the landscape. One of the things I love best to do is to stroll the aisles of real, actual bookstores and discover titles along the way. My bookshelves at home are packed with evidence of these excursions. As these gems leave us, we are less connected as a community as a result.

Might Lin-Manuel Miranda and "friends," who recently stepped in to save NYC's Drama Book Shop, do the same for LA's Samuel French? Mr. Miranda ... the Powerhouse would like a chat with you ... and to the people who have led and worked at SF over the years, thank you so much for your knowledge, your support and your service to the business of acting.