Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Ready to get back to work? Been offered an acting gig? What you need to know before you say "yes" in a new business of acting COVID landscape ...

It's been a long eight months and we're all eager to get back to work in the new business of acting. But a lot has changed during those six months, setting the stage (or the set) for everything that now follows in a COVID work landscape.

In many regions, production has returned. Content creators are creating. Actors are acting, directors are directing, producers are producing and all kinds of platforms are preparing to and presenting new content across the board. This is all great news, but it comes with a "however."

The new COVID compliance rules and regulations are supposed to ensure -- or better ensure -- everyone's safety back at work. But is that enough?

My new column in Backstage, out today, talks about what you need to know before you say "yes" to any job or opportunity in this new landscape.

Indeed we are all eager to get back to it. But primary among those desires also needs to the requirement and the protocol to keep you safe ... and the primary decision maker on that front should always be you.

Stay safe, keep positive ...