Thursday, June 18, 2020

Back to work also means "pack a lunch" ...

No mask, no work. Want a snack? Bring your own!

Getting ready to for your close-up comes with a whole new set of rules and regulations to keep you and your fellow artists safe in this COVID-19 landscape. That's the topic of my newest article for Backstage, out today ...

I predict that there will quickly be more opportunities to work than ever before for actors (and other craftspeople in the business of acting) as the tremendous need for content meets the lifting of restrictions and important protections that are now in place. But it's a return that is going require preparation that far exceeds just memorizing your lines.

There has been a shift, too, in how we who represent actors are now involved with their actual audition process in ways we have never been able to before.

It's all good news! Time to read up, get ready and be a part of the great return to work!

As always, stay safe ...


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