Monday, July 8, 2019

How did you spend your summer? Hopefully prepping for the fall phase of your career journey!

It's "back-to-business Monday" after the July 4th holiday break ... and for actors that means back to the business of prepping for the fall phase of your career journey -- and that's the topic of my latest Backstage column that has just been published!

While many people take it a it easy during the heat of the summer, a smart actor recognizes that now is the perfect time for a career potential evidence tune-up.

All too soon, the business of acting will get very busy again, particularly with the start of production on the new and returning network television shows for their fall premieres. Now is the perfect time for actors to refresh, dump and/or create new video performance clips for submission use. If you are repped, your agent and/or manager will enthusiastically thank you! If you are self-submitting, you will quickly find that having some new (video) tools in your actor's tool kit can help broaden both the range of your brand and the kinds of roles you can appropriately submit on.

Read more in my latest "Backstage Expert" column, then get busy. There's work to be done! :)