Monday, April 12, 2010

Hats off to the acting students at Eastern Connecticut State University!

I spent a terrific day on campus at Eastern Connecticut State University, in Willamantic, Connecticut, last Friday. Despite the heavy rain outside, inside the classroom at Shafer Hall we talked about all things business of acting-related, from the post-college landscape to emotional fitness. I had an opportunity to interact and share conversation with a great group of wanting-to-be-working actors and was impressed with their level of dedication and commitment to both their current studies and to what lies ahead.

This was my second visit to the school. This time, we also screened clips from our Web TV series Inside the Business of Acting and had a healthy chat about having a passion for the career pursuit, not just in the early years after graduation, but throughout one’s career journey.

Thanks to Ellen and J.J. for the invitation to speak and for incorporating The Business of Acting book into the course curriculum.

Much appreciation.

I shall return!