Tuesday, August 4, 2020

"COVID Update" book supplement designed to guide your career journey back on track in the new landscape ...

The COVID pandemic stopped all of us in our tracks. But as the industry slowly begins a gradual ramp up, it’s time to get a handle on how the pandemic has change the business of acting. It’s also time to carve out and create a smart, strategic, COVID-proof action plan to get back to work and to thrive in this new landscape. 


I hope I can help with that. I have written a “COVID Update” supplement to “The New Business of Acting: The Next Edition,” which will be released on August 12th.

The supplement offers a perspective on the new landscape and guides readers through the creation of a COVID-proof action plan that will get you refocused, motivated anew and back on track with the journey of your career.

Three take-away pieces of advice from "COVID Update:"

1. If you are not yet represented, do not seek representation at this time. Until agents and managers have a clear understanding of what the casting needs of the new landscape with be, we're not yet able to assess our rosters against those needs.

2. If you are represented, get reacquainted with your agent and/or manager. Check in with him or her or them to see what they might need from you -- and what you can do for them -- as we all slowly begin to get back to work.

3. Be 100 percent certain that any set, stage, performance venue or any location where you are hired to work is 100 percent COVID-compliant. The supplement offer up details ... but no job is worth accepting if there are any safety risks of any kind for you while at work.

Keep safe, stay positive ...