Friday, September 4, 2020

New "Inside the Business of Acting" YouTube series episodes explore how actors can get back to business and stay COVID-safe ...

New episodes of the YouTube series "Inside the Business of Acting" explore getting back to work in a COVID-complaint landscape.

In support of my COVID Update book supplement to The Business of Acting: The Next Edition (that was published earlier this month), we have released a new collection of episodes of our Inside the Business of Acting YouTube series that features conversations with industry leaders talking about the new COVID landscape and how both actors and the content creators they work for can get back to business and stay COVID-safe and be COVID-compliant. 

There is a lot to talk about. So I hope you will check out these new episodes as you begin to step back into the "new normal" and adjust to the new rhythm in the new business of acting.

New episodes are being released each week. Here is a guide to the segments released in the last few weeks:

Episode #3.1

Amanda Richards, Director, Talent and Casting, Sony Pictures Television.

Episode #3.2:

Adam Ginivisian, Agent and Partner, ICM Partners.

Episode #3.3:

A Panel of Working Actors: Pamela Roylance, Eric Rollins, Ron Weisberg and Chris Ranney.

Episode #3.4

Gary Marsh, Breakdown Services and Actors Access founder, President and CEO.

Episode #3.5:

Brianna Ancel, Vice President, Adult Theatrical Department, Clear Talent Group.

Stay informed, be safe, keep positive ...