Friday, March 5, 2021

Thinking about a career as a talent rep? Signing talent isn't the first priority ...

I am often
asked by actors about how about to find an agent or a manager to represent them ... 

Recently, however, I was asked by several soon-to-graduate college seniors about the journey to opening your own talent agency or talent management firm. It was an interesting conversation that reminded me that, while many things have indeed changed in the last nearly four decades since I launched my own talent management firm, one thing has remained a constant: Signing talent is not the first task at hand.

My latest Backstage column, which is out today ... address the hoops to be jumped through for that brave entrepreneur (or group of entrepreneurs) who want to set out on their own as a talent agent or talent manager owning and running their own firm in the new business of acting.

It also explains why those of us who embark on that journey turn gray so young ... :)

Stay safe, keep positive ...


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