Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The message is clear as a sizeable SAG majority gives the green light to a new contract …

It’s a good day in the business of acting today as both union and non-union actors alike – and all other industry professionals – begin to absorb the acceptance of a new two-year SAG contract, which was announced as approved by a stunning 78% of the Screen Actors Guild membership last night.

There is not much need for analysis here. It appears that the overwhelming victory for the new agreement sends a clear message: Stop the infighting, stop the politics and let us, confidently, get back to work.

This new contract has many gains, including its expiration date, which will allow SAG to make nice with AFTRA over the next two years and then work together in carving out a new “new” agreement that will be in the best interest of all union members – and those who will become union members.

Next up, SAG leadership needs to make nice within its own ranks. Too much infighting, too many harsh words, too much “actor vs. actor” … And the winner is … “nobody.” The new contract isn’t perfect, but given the landscape in which the business of acting currently exists, it’s a fine achievement, for now.

Full steam ahead. Let’s all get back to work with some sense of accomplishment. Seventy-eight percent? That’s a strong statement.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't be happier that this is over, for now at least. I'm one SAG actor who has had it with the bull being flung. I voted "yes" for the new contract because it's long past the time for us to move on and stop being stuck as a union.