Friday, June 5, 2009

Hot tips on how to get your first film industry job now on "Inside the Business of Acting"

Whether you have just graduated from college or have been in the job market for a while, any information that can help you get a foot in the door and an on-ramp to the career journey you seek is hot, valuable and must-have information. It's even better when it's free.

Actor, writer, producer, director ... whatever your career goals and aspirations are in the business of acting, you must make time to watch our three-part interview with industry executive and entertainment career consultant Karen Kaufman Wilson, now playing on-demand on our Web TV series "Inside the Business of Acting."

Karen offers up some critical advice on how to open doors in Hollywood with a strategy that can't fail to get you moving in the right direction, if you follow the proactive plan of approach talked about in our interview.

Okay, now get moving to the Virtual Channel Network and have a pad of paper and pencil ready!


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