Wednesday, January 9, 2019

NYC's Beloved Drama Book Shop Gets an Extended Run ... Thankfully ...

Bravo and appreciation to Lin-Manuel Miranda and two colleagues on the news today that they have purchased the famed and much-loved Drama Book Shop, in New York City.

This little gem of a resource has been around since 1917; it has even won a special Tony Award. The store was due to close later this month after a rather hefty rent increase from the owners of their building on West 40th Street.

Since the early 2000s, the store and its staff have been great supporters of my work and have featured all three of my books for actors on their shelves since then. My last visit there in October for an event for "The Next Edition" was a wonderful and tender reminder of the importance DBS has for all of us in the business of acting.

Long may it thrive!


Friday, December 21, 2018

"The Business of Acting Career Clinic" Launches in 2019!

I am very excited about a new workshop that I am launching in the new year ... "The Business of Acting Career Clinic." 
It is a two-hour, interactive experience that will address and resolve why you might be feeling stuck and how to get moving again ... or if things are running smoothly in your business of acting life … all the better! We’ll also explore how to stay focused and keep moving ahead. 
Casting Frontier is presenting this new workshop for the first time on Saturday morning, January 19th, at the Broadway Theatre Complex, in Hollywood. I hope you will join us for the kick-off!
It's a limited-seating, ticketed event ... so register for it as soon as you can!

Monday, December 17, 2018

Helping to spread the word ...

Thank you more than I can express to Lisa Ellen Niver for her support of the new book and, in particular, for the incredible story about "The Next Edition" in today's Jewish Journal
Lisa, much, much appreciation ...

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Heading home for the holidays? Take the non-disclosure route to curb enquiring minds!

The Christmas break is just around the corner and I want to repost an item I first wrote just before the Thanksgiving break. It seems appropriate to suggest a second look (or a first if you missed the previous post) about heading home for the holiday and how to handle that barrage of inquiries about why you’re not a star yet. It can add to the often-normal stress that these family-and-friend reunions can stir. 
In my recent “Backstage Experts” column, I offer up my list of survival tips to pack with you for a happy holidays visit home. I hope all of my actor friends and students with find this helpful! 
Seasons greetings to all ... with much appreciation for another challenging-and-rewarding year in the business of acting.

Friday, November 23, 2018

How to manage the "home for the holidays" inquiries about your career ...

Actors going home for the holidays often face a barrage of questions from the people who love them about why they're not famous yet. How frustrating and annoying that can be! 

Last month I became a new "Backstage Experts"columnist for My newest columnhas just been published and offers some valuable tips on how to manage those inquiries. 

Happy managing! :)


NYC? LA? Why bother? These professional actors are thriving in Albuquerque ...

My thanks and appreciation to the Chris, Ron, Tiffany and their team at Sol Acting Acting, in Albuquerque, for everything they did to make last week's day-long, "master class" in the business of acting a great experience! 

I have taught a lot of workshops and seminars around the country over the years. But I can't recall a group that was more supportive of each other's process in the journey than this group.

They also brought with them into class their great passion, great attitudes and some keen insights about the industry. As I write in The Next Edition and talk about in my classes, you do not have to be in New York or L.A. to have a professional acting career ... and this incredible group is A+ evidence of that. 

Bravo, much appreciation and many thanks to all of them.


Saturday, October 27, 2018

Reflections on a book tour …

I met the most remarkable young man at my recent book event in Chicago, at the wonderful Volumes Bookcafe. 
Ryan had no idea where he was headed when his Dad suggested they go for a drive. Heading out of their suburban Chicago neighborhood, it wasn’t too long before Ryan and his father arrived at Volumes. His Dad happened to catch my appearance that morning on the WGN-TV “Morning News” program and heard me talk about the upcoming book event that night. 
Ryan has always been interested in … make that passionate about ... performing. He has appeared in every school production there has been so far … and, even though he is just 12, he is very clear about the career he wants to have when he grows up.
He didn’t know it when he drove off from home with his Dad that that particular Tuesday night, but his father hoped that an opportunity for us to meet, to connect and to talk about how Ryan can actually, really, pursue this might be a great opportunity for his son.
I can’t fully express the joy I felt (and feel) from seeing this father so supportive of his young son’s interest in a professional career that neither know anything about. We sat, we talked, we began to sketch out the early steps for Ryan to think about.
Both Ryan and his Dad asked lots of smart questions that turned into a really inspiring conversation, as much for me as I hope it was for them.
Ryan grinned from ear-to-ear. Maybe it was the joy of feeling heard. Maybe it was the joy of feeling validated. Maybe it is in the joy of having a Dad who is beyond invested in his son’s future and who was willing to take a ride into the city on a random Tuesday night to explore the possibilities.
With so much happening in the world that we can easily become discouraged about, my time with Ryan and his Dad gave me hope that, at the end of at least one particular day, one particular father and his son were on the right track ... and that makes me very happy.