Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Flying solo: The Loh down on how to launch a one-person show, now playing at InsideTheBusinessOfActing.com

If mounting your own one-person show is something you would like to explore, actress, writer and solo performance artist Sandra Tsing Loh gives you the Loh down on how-to at InsideTheBusinessOfActing.com.

Now playing, episode #3, gets into the nuts and bolts and dollars and cents. What Sandra has to say will help get you started -- and there is nothing quite like a work-in-progress personal performance piece to focus, inspire and empower any actor seeking to create both a challenge and an opportunity.

Another time, I'll tell you about my former Emerson College student Christian Johnsen's "Red Sweater" project. Inspiring and therapeutic.


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Anonymous said...

I loved this interview!!!! I have actually wanted to write some of the stories from my life and try to put together a one-person performance piece, but I've been too scared. Not any more! Thank you, Sandra; thank you, Brad. I'm really going to give this a try. P.S. So, what's the story about "The Red Sweater"?

Hillary R.