Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Self-tape auditions can allow more actors in. But opportunity needs to be matched with preparedness ...

There is an entire chapter in my booked devoted to the topic of self-tape auditions ... and, in this coronavirus and eventually post-coronavirus landscape, we will see more, not less, of this movement -- and it's here to stay. That is both great and potentially not-so-great news, unless you are prepared for the unique challenges that come with the proliferation of this opportunity.

When self-taping, just because you can record as many takes of an audition as you want, you shouldn't. Aim to get it right the first time. It is as important to be as prepped and camera-ready for your self-tape as you should expect yourself to be in a casting director's office, where you're not guaranteed a second shot at it.

I love how wide the doors are opening for actors because of self-tape auditions. This potentially creates more opportunity for more actors to be seen for each role. But beyond the technical challenges of getting it right, the performance challenges require a level of focus, commitment and readiness that can take some time to get comfortable with and thrive at. But it is essential work that needs to be done -- and the end results are always more than worth effort.


Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The Career Spring Cleaning You Should Do While Stuck at Home ...

My latest Backstage column is out today with a few suggestions about spring cleaning in preparation for the back-to-work, post-"hiatus" landscape that we all can't wait for.

We can and should use this unexpected time out to get prepped and ready fo both the opportunities and the work that will be in abundance when the industry gets up-and-running again -- and that includes sprucing up all of the support materials you use and every piece of evidence of your career potential that you rely on for audition submissions.

The future looks bright -- and it will soon be here. So let's get ready for it!


Friday, March 27, 2020

Financial assistance now available for actors, artists and others in the business of acting from Coronavirus outbreak ...

There is an important article in today's Los Angeles Times about financial resources that are available for artists and others in the entertainment industry who have been hard-hit as a result as the coronavirus epidemic. Also, be sure to explore financial assistance from unemployment departments in states around the country that is now available for self-employed people and those of you who work as independent contractors.
Usually these categories of workers are exempt from this kind of assistance. But it's a whole new world now, so don't overlook some relief that might be available to you now that may not have been accessible to you before this outbreak.
I hope you are safe and well and getting ready for both your figurative and literal close-ups when all of this is behind us.

Monday, January 27, 2020

New Mexico actors begin to make their mark in a big way as opportunity flourishes in the Land of Enchantment ...

New Mexico has become a  thriving and growing market for film and television production ... and that means work for both "above the line" and "below the line" artists there.

That point was brought home in a news report by Grace Reader, of KOB-TV, the NBC-TV affiliate in Albuquerque, who covered our sold-out Business of Acting Career Clinic this past week at Sol Acting Studios.

Thank you, Grace for your coverage and thank you Sol mates for work well done this weekend in class!