Friday, November 23, 2018

NYC? LA? Why bother? These professional actors are thriving in Albuquerque ...

My thanks and appreciation to the Chris, Ron, Tiffany and their team at Sol Acting Acting, in Albuquerque, for everything they did to make last week's day-long, "master class" in the business of acting a great experience! 

I have taught a lot of workshops and seminars around the country over the years. But I can't recall a group that was more supportive of each other's process in the journey than this group.

They also brought with them into class their great passion, great attitudes and some keen insights about the industry. As I write in The Next Edition and talk about in my classes, you do not have to be in New York or L.A. to have a professional acting career ... and this incredible group is A+ evidence of that. 

Bravo, much appreciation and many thanks to all of them.


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