Friday, April 19, 2019

Post-network television pilot season presents a great opportunity to refresh the page on your career journey ...

Post-Network pilot season is often a time of change. Agencies routinely assess and drop clients at this time of year, while seeking fresh talent for their rosters ... and actors should look at this "season" as an opportunity to be pro-active about seeking the kind of changes they feel will best suit their career needs moving forward. My latest Backstage column, out today, offers a perspective.

Use these next several weeks to carve out the action plan for your next step. What changes do you want to see for yourself in the new television production season ahead? 

It should not be just about booking a job; it needs to be bigger than that. Think globally. If you're not yet booking the kind of work you that believe you're ready to take on, then take on the role of content creator during this time to create for yourself the evidence of your career potential that the gatekeepers have yet to see.

It's about putting Chapter 5 in "The Next Edition" to work for you.

You can do this ...


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