Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tomorrow afternoon, it will truly be a "new" business of acting ...

The business of acting is about to change -- and tomorrow is the day.

Friday, 3/30/12, at 1:00PM, Pacific time, SAG & AFTRA will announce the results of the merger vote. It's history in the making. Watch it live.

Regardless of which way the vote goes, a "new" business of acting landscape is about to be born. Should the merger not pass, clearly this will not be the end of the proponents's campaign to have both unions join forces. Should the merger pass, I would expect that the opponents of the merger (whose attempts to get a court order to stop the vote count were denied in court earlier today), will not stop there.

Indeed, either way, it will be a new business. Let's hope that, either way, that the "new" business doesn't get in the way of simply doing business.

And the winner is ...

We soon shall see.


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