Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An important win for Breakdown Services and the legitimate business of acting ...

Selling Breakdowns is illegal, yet some actors and others claiming to represent actors do it with regularity nonetheless. Chapter 6 in The New Business of Acting (“Self-Submitting: The Art of Selectivity in Pursuing Career Opportunities”) addresses this issue.

It is a no-win situation for both the actor who has paid hard-earned money for illegal access and for the shyster who has ignored both history and law and gone ahead and ripped off actors anyway.

Witness the most recent example: The case of Brian Burke.

If an actor wants an edge in the (new) business of acting, go out and earn it. There are no shortcuts. To the agent, manager or other industry-connected person who thinks it’s okay to make a profit by taking advantage of (usually) vulnerable actors, you harm the general reputations of all of us who work hard to do the right thing every day.

Case closed.


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