Monday, November 29, 2010

"Green Acres" was the place to be on CBS-TV from 1965 - 1971

I was a big fan of the 1965 – 1971 comedy series Green Acres – and I’m old enough to have watched in when it ran for the first time. Yikes.

Of course it’s been around in reruns for years, but what hasn’t been available until today is my 1992 interview with series star Eddie Albert. He talks about his career, the series, his role and his unforgettable co-star, Eva Gabor. Check out the preview below and watch the complete segment just added and now playing on demand at



Anonymous said...

Very nicce!

Brad Lemack said...

Thanks for your comment. It was a real treat getting to interview this guy in 1992. Eddie Albert, by the way, was a "green" activist years before the word became associated with environmental issues. "Green" activist/"Green" Acres ... somewhat ironic, but I love it. :) BL