Monday, September 28, 2009

An agent's perspective on the business of acting ...

There is no better advice than the advise of a true pro who wants to help those who are on the way up. In academia, we call them "educators"; in the real, post-college world, we call them "mentors"; in the business of acting, we call one of them Sharif Ali.

Sharif is the co-president of the Los Angeles-based talent agency Aimee Entertainment. In our four-part interview on "Inside the Business of Acting," Sharif talks about the nuts and bolts of the business from an agent's perspective. If you're seeking your first agent or feel the need to change your current agent, what Sharif has to say will empower you on that journey.

In short, don't send a head shot or place a phone call to a new or perspective agent without watching these segments first.

Episode #1 premiered two weeks ago; Episode #2 was added today. At just (roughly) 12 minutes each segment, Sharif's advice on "how to" is worth its weight in megabytes.

Happy learning ...


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